1. 20 Nov, 2018 2 commits
  2. 19 Nov, 2018 7 commits
  3. 18 Nov, 2018 1 commit
    • Daniel Gustafsson's avatar
      tool_doswin: Fix uninitialized field warning · b88bf6e6
      Daniel Gustafsson authored
      The partial struct initialization in 397664a0
      a warning on uninitialized MODULEENTRY32 struct members:
        /src/tool_doswin.c:681:3: warning: missing initializer for field
        'th32ModuleID' of 'MODULEENTRY32 {aka struct tagMODULEENTRY32}'
      This is sort of a bogus warning as the remaining members will be set
      to zero by the compiler, as all omitted members are. Nevertheless,
      remove the warning by omitting all members and setting the dwSize
      members explicitly.
      Closes #3254
      Reviewed-by: default avatarMarcel Raad <Marcel.Raad@teamviewer.com>
      Reviewed-by: default avatarJay Satiro <raysatiro@yahoo.com>
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  13. 06 Nov, 2018 4 commits
    • Daniel Stenberg's avatar
      url: a short host name + port is not a scheme · 9df8dc10
      Daniel Stenberg authored
      The function identifying a leading "scheme" part of the URL considered a
      few letters ending with a colon to be a scheme, making something like
      "short:80" to become an unknown scheme instead of a short host name and
      a port number.
      Extended test 1560 to verify.
      Also fixed test203 to use file_pwd to make it get the correct path on
      windows. Removed test 2070 since it was a duplicate of 203.
      Assisted-by: Marcel Raad
      Reported-by: Hagai Auro
      Fixes #3220
      Fixes #3233
      Closes #3223
      Closes #3235
    • Sangamkar's avatar
      libcurl: stop reading from paused transfers · 74f47823
      Sangamkar authored
      In the transfer loop it would previously not acknwledge the pause bit
      and continue until drained or loop ended.
      Closes #3240
    • Jay Satiro's avatar
      tool: add undocumented option --dump-module-paths for win32 · 397664a0
      Jay Satiro authored
      - Add an undocumented diagnostic option for Windows to show the full
        paths of all loaded modules regardless of whether or not libcurl
        initialization succeeds.
      This is needed so that in the CI we can get a list of all DLL
      dependencies after initialization (when they're most likely to have
      finished loading) and then package them as artifacts so that a
      functioning build can be downloaded. Also I imagine it may have some use
      as a diagnostic for help requests.
      Ref: https://github.com/curl/curl/pull/3103
      Closes https://github.com/curl/curl/pull/3208
    • Jay Satiro's avatar
      curl_multibyte: fix a malloc overcalculation · 28429fb1
      Jay Satiro authored
      Prior to this change twice as many bytes as necessary were malloc'd when
      converting wchar to UTF8. To allay confusion in the future I also
      changed the variable name for the amount of bytes from len to bytes.
      Closes https://github.com/curl/curl/pull/3209