1. 05 Nov, 2018 4 commits
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    • Daniel Gustafsson's avatar
      infof: clearly indicate truncation · c37b66aa
      Daniel Gustafsson authored
      The internal buffer in infof() is limited to 2048 bytes of payload plus
      an additional byte for NULL termination. Servers with very long error
      messages can however cause truncation of the string, which currently
      isn't very clear, and leads to badly formatted output.
      This appends a "...\n" (or just "..." in case the format didn't with a
      newline char) marker to the end of the string to clearly show
      that it has been truncated.
      Also include a unittest covering infof() to try and catch any bugs
      introduced in this quite important function.
      Closes #3216
      Reviewed-by: default avatarDaniel Stenberg <daniel@haxx.se>
      Reviewed-by: default avatarMarcel Raad <Marcel.Raad@teamviewer.com>
    • Michael Kaufmann's avatar
      tool_getparam: fix some comments · d82a17ad
      Michael Kaufmann authored
    • Daniel Stenberg's avatar
      url: a short host name + port is not a scheme · 226cfa82
      Daniel Stenberg authored
      The function identifying a leading "scheme" part of the URL considered a few
      letters ending with a colon to be a scheme, making something like "short:80"
      to become an unknown scheme instead of a short host name and a port number.
      Extended test 1560 to verify.
      Reported-by: Hagai Auro
      Fixes #3220
      Closes #3223
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