1. 19 Mar, 2016 9 commits
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      bump: the coming release is 7.48.0 · 997a95bb
      Daniel Stenberg authored
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      configure: use cpp -P when needed · ecf95343
      Daniel Stenberg authored
      Since gcc 5, the processor output can get split up on multiple lines
      that made the configure script fail to figure out values from
      definitions. The fix is to use cpp -P, and this fix now first checks if
      cpp -P is necessary and then if cpp -P works before it uses that to
      extract defined values.
      Fixes #719
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      formdata.c: Fixed compilation warning · 7e312bdf
      Steve Holme authored
      formdata.c:390: warning: cast from pointer to integer of different size
      Introduced in commit ca5f9341 this happens because a char*, which is
      32-bits wide in 32-bit land, is being cast to a curl_off_t which is
      64-bits wide where 64-bit integers are supported by the compiler.
      This doesn't happen in 64-bit land as a pointer is the same size as a
      This fix doesn't address the fact that a 64-bit value cannot be used
      for CURLFORM_CONTENTLEN when set in a form array and compiled on a
      32-bit platforms, it does at least suppress the compilation warning.
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