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      speed caps: not based on average speeds anymore · 4b86113f
      Olivier Brunel authored
      Speed limits (from CURLOPT_MAX_RECV_SPEED_LARGE &
      CURLOPT_MAX_SEND_SPEED_LARGE) were applied simply by comparing limits
      with the cumulative average speed of the entire transfer; While this
      might work at times with good/constant connections, in other cases it
      can result to the limits simply being "ignored" for more than "short
      bursts" (as told in man page).
      Consider a download that goes on much slower than the limit for some
      time (because bandwidth is used elsewhere, server is slow, whatever the
      reason), then once things get better, curl would simply ignore the limit
      up until the average speed (since the beginning of the transfer) reached
      the limit.  This could prove the limit useless to effectively avoid
      using the entire bandwidth (at least for quite some time).
      So instead, we now use a "moving starting point" as reference, and every
      time at least as much as the limit as been transferred, we can reset
      this starting point to the current position. This gets a good limiting
      effect that applies to the "current speed" with instant reactivity (in
      case of sudden speed burst).
      Closes #971
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