1. 11 Oct, 2017 2 commits
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      url: Update current connection SSL verify params in setopt · 5505df7d
      Artak Galoyan authored
      Now VERIFYHOST, VERIFYPEER and VERIFYSTATUS options change during active
      connection updates the current connection's (i.e.'connectdata'
      structure) appropriate ssl_config (and ssl_proxy_config) structures
      variables, making these options effective for ongoing connection.
      This functionality was available before and was broken by the
      following change:
      "proxy: Support HTTPS proxy and SOCKS+HTTP(s)"
      CommitId: cb4e2be7.
      Bug: https://github.com/curl/curl/issues/1941
      Closes https://github.com/curl/curl/pull/1951
    • David Benjamin's avatar
      openssl: don't use old BORINGSSL_YYYYMM macros · de7597f1
      David Benjamin authored
      Those were temporary things we'd add and remove for our own convenience
      long ago. The last few stayed around for too long as an oversight but
      have since been removed. These days we have a running
      BORINGSSL_API_VERSION counter which is bumped when we find it
      convenient, but 2015-11-19 was quite some time ago, so just check
      Closes #1979
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