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This page describes a process for contributing and including software in normative and informative standardization.

The goal is to enable ETSI TBs and ISGs to adopt best practices for management of code when dealing with formal and machine-readable languages in the specification process.

The foreseen benefit is to have a more efficient standardization process avoid multiple of content and costly maintenance.
Important: please note that the document preparation is in progress. The preview is given to allow feedback and participation but needs to be refined before use in ETSI groups.
For inquiries and suggestions, contact cti_support at etsi dot org.

How ETSI Groups use Forge in their processes

Group Title Reference Link
3GPP Discussion papers ETSI Forge for 3GPP APIs
ISG NFV - TST WG ISG NFV, TST WG, Contribution and review process for Forge NFVTST(19)000269r3 Download
ISG NFV -TST WG ISG NFV NFVTST(20)000015r1 Download

Process documentation

Download the latest version in Docx version
Detailed documentation is maintained at
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To file an issue, you may follow the procedure illustrated here.

Overall process