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fix #34

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......@@ -29,9 +29,10 @@ TC_MEC_SRV_UELOCSUB_001_OK
Create new subscription UserTrackingSubscription
Check HTTP Response Status Code Is 201
Check HTTP Response Body Json Schema Is UserTrackingSubscription
Check Result Contains ${response['body']['userTrackingSubscription']} clientCorrelator ${USERTRACKSUB_CLIENT_ID}
Check Result Contains ${response['body']['userTrackingSubscription']} callbackReference ${USERTRACK_NOTIF_CALLBACK_URI}
Check Result Contains ${response['body']['userTrackingSubscription']} address ${USERTRACK_IP_ADDRESS}
# TODO fix related TP
# Check Result Contains ${response['body']['userTrackingSubscription']} clientCorrelator ${USERTRACKSUB_CLIENT_ID}
Should Be Equal As Strings ${response['body']['userTrackingSubscription']['callbackReference']} ${USERTRACK_NOTIF_CALLBACK_URI}
Should Be Equal As Strings ${response['body']['userTrackingSubscription']['address']} ${USERTRACK_IP_ADDRESS}
# TODO how to send this? The TP has the IUT doing this immediately. Do we want this or will it be discarded as part of the test?
# // MEC 013, clause
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