1. 17 Jun, 2015 6 commits
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      RELEASE-NOTES: 7.43.0 release · 38e07886
      Daniel Stenberg authored
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      THANKS: updated with 7.43.0 names · bdf89d80
      Daniel Stenberg authored
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      http: do not leak basic auth credentials on re-used connections · 24a8359b
      Kamil Dudka authored
      This partially reverts commit curl-7_39_0-237-g87c4abb6
      Reported-by: Tomas Tomecek, Kamil Dudka
      Bug: http://curl.haxx.se/docs/adv_20150617A.html
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      SMB: rangecheck values read off incoming packet · 50c7f17e
      Daniel Stenberg authored
      Detected by Coverity. CID 1299430.
      Bug: http://curl.haxx.se/docs/adv_20150617B.html
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      schannel: schannel_recv overhaul · 3e7ec1e8
      Jay Satiro authored
      This commit is several drafts squashed together. The changes from each
      draft are noted below. If any changes are similar and possibly
      contradictory the change in the latest draft takes precedence.
      Bug: https://github.com/bagder/curl/issues/244
      Reported-by: Chris Araman
      %% Draft 1
      - return 0 if len == 0. that will have to be documented.
      - continue on and process the caches regardless of raw recv
      - if decrypted data will be returned then set the error code to CURLE_OK
      and return its count
      - if decrypted data will not be returned and the connection has closed
      (eg nread == 0) then return 0 and CURLE_OK
      - if decrypted data will not be returned and the connection *hasn't*
      closed then set the error code to CURLE_AGAIN --only if an error code
      isn't already set-- and return -1
      - narrow the Win2k workaround to only Win2k
      %% Draft 2
      - Trying out a change in flow to handle corner cases.
      %% Draft 3
      - Back out the lazier decryption change made in draft2.
      %% Draft 4
      - Some formatting and branching changes
      - Decrypt all encrypted cached data when len == 0
      - Save connection closed state
      - Change special Win2k check to use connection closed state
      %% Draft 5
      - Default to CURLE_AGAIN in cleanup if an error code wasn't set and the
      connection isn't closed.
      %% Draft 6
      - Save the last error only if it is an unrecoverable error.
      Prior to this I saved the last error state in all cases; unfortunately
      the logic to cover that in all cases would lead to some muddle and I'm
      concerned that could then lead to a bug in the future so I've replaced
      it by only recording an unrecoverable error and that state will persist.
      - Do not recurse on renegotiation.
      Instead we'll continue on to process any trailing encrypted data
      received during the renegotiation only.
      - Move the err checks in cleanup after the check for decrypted data.
      In either case decrypted data is always returned but I think it's easier
      to understand when those err checks come after the decrypted data check.
      %% Draft 7
      - Regardless of len value go directly to cleanup if there is an
      unrecoverable error or a close_notify was already received. Prior to
      this change we only acknowledged those two states if len != 0.
      - Fix a bug in connection closed behavior: Set the error state in the
      cleanup, because we don't know for sure it's an error until that time.
      - (Related to above) In the case the connection is closed go "greedy"
      with the decryption to make sure all remaining encrypted data has been
      decrypted even if it is not needed at that time by the caller. This is
      necessary because we can only tell if the connection closed gracefully
      (close_notify) once all encrypted data has been decrypted.
      - Do not renegotiate when an unrecoverable error is pending.
      %% Draft 8
      - Don't show 'server closed the connection' info message twice.
      - Show an info message if server closed abruptly (missing close_notify).
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