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    • Daniel Stenberg's avatar
      codepolicing · bc007d8e
      Daniel Stenberg authored
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      sspi build fix · d0dbd1e9
      Daniel Stenberg authored
      define away Curl_ntlm_sspi_cleanup() when no windows SSPI build
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      smtp: Added support for NTLM authentication · 4d327d20
      Steve Holme authored
      Modified smtp_endofresp() to detect NTLM from the server specified list
      of supported authentication mechanisms.
      Modified smtp_authenticate() to start the sending of the NTLM data.
      Added smtp_auth_ntlm_type1_message() which creates a NTLM type-1
      message. This function is used by authenticate() to start the sending
      of data and by smtp_state_auth_ntlm_resp() when the AUTH command
      doesn't contain the type-1 message as part of the initial response.
      This lack of initial response can happen if an OOM error occurs or the
      type-1 message is longer than 504 characters. As the main AUTH command
      is limited to 512 character the data has to be transmitted in two
      parts; one containing the AUTH NTLM and the second containing the
      type-1 message.
      Added smtp_state_auth_ntlm_type2msg_resp() which handles the incoming
      type-2 message and sends an outgoing type-3 message. This type-2
      message is sent by the server in response to our type-1 message.
      Modified smtp_state_auth_resp() to handle the response to: the AUTH
      NTLM without the initial response and the type-2 response.
      Modified smtp_disconnect() to cleanup the NTLM SSPI stack.
    • Steve Holme's avatar
      Curl_ntlm_create_typeX_message: Added the outlen parameter · 185ed340
      Steve Holme authored
      Added the output message length as a parameter to both
      Curl_ntlm_create_type1_message() and Curl_ntlm_create_type3_message()
      for use by future functions that require it.
      Updated curl_ntlm.c to cater for the extra parameter on these two