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# ASN.1 module for Cooperative Awareness Basic Service [ETSI EN 302 637-2]

This repository contains the ASN.1 module for ETSI ITS Cooperative Awareness Basic Service (CAM) in the **CAM-PDU-Descriptions.asn** file.
* The module is published with the **[ETSI EN 302 637-2 v1.4.1](** (2019-04).

## License

The content of this repository and the files contained are released under the BSD-3-Clause license.

See the attached LICENSE file or visit

## Dependencies

- The **[ITS-Container](** module from [ETSI TS 102 894-2 v1.3.1]( - Common Data Dictionary

*NOTE: Please use  `--recurse-submodules` option in order to clone the module including all necessary dependencies.*