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Build Artifacts
  1. updated readme (detail)
  2. SOL003_2: VnfcSnapshotinfo data type updated (detail)
  3. SOL003_5: VimSnapshotResource data type updated (detail)
  4. SOL003_6: VnfSnapshotPkgInfo data type updated (detail)
  5. SOL003_7: VnfcSnapshotImageInfo data type updated (detail)
  6. SO003_8: Added new attribute to VnfExtCpConfig datamodel (detail)
  7. SO003_9: Added new attribute to IPverEthernetAddressData datamodel (detail)
  8. SO003_10: Updated note 3 into table (detail)
  9. SO003_11: Update field description (detail)
  10. SO003_12: added new attribute to ExtLinkPortData datamodel (detail)
  11. SOL003_14: new enumaration data model called LcmCoordResultType (detail)
  12. SOL003_19: Added new attributes to VnfcResourceInfo datamodel and update (detail)
  13. SOL003_20: added new attributes to VnfLinkPortInfo datamodel and update (detail)
  14. SOL003_21: Added new attributes to ExtLinkPortInfo datamodel (detail)
  15. SOL003_22: update descriptions of attributesof AffectedVirtualLink (detail)
  16. SOL003_23: new datamodel: AffectedVipCp (detail)
  17. SOL003_24: added new attributes to VnfExtCpInfo datamodel and update (detail)
  18. SOL003_25: new datamodel: VipCpInfo (detail)
  19. SOL003_16: added new attribute to VnfInstance datamodel and updated note (detail)
  20. SOL003_17: added new attributes to VnfLcmOpOcc datamodel and updated (detail)
  21. SOL003_18: added new attributes to VnfLcmOperationOccurrenceNotification (detail)
  22. SOL003_30: update notes of Grant datamodel (detail)
  23. SOL003_31: added new attributes to ResourceDefinition datamodel and (detail)
  24. SOL003_32: update descriptions of attributesof AffectedVirtualLink (detail)
  25. SOL002_3 & SOL002_4: added attribute and note in vnfInstance (detail)
  26. SOL002_5: added attributes and note in VnfLcmOpOcc (detail)
  27. SOL002_6: added attributes in VnfLcmOperationOccurrenceNotification (detail)
  28. SOL002_9: minor fix in IpOverEthernetAddressData (detail)
  29. SOL002_10: new attribute added in VnfcResourceInfo (detail)
  30. SOL002_19: description added in AffectedVirtualLink (detail)
  31. SOL002_15: fix in VnfExtCpInfo (detail)
  32. SOL002_16: Description added VnfcSnapshotInfo (detail)
  33. SOL003_15: updated description fields (detail)
  34. SOL003_33: updated version of referenced standard. (detail)
  35. new interface added VNF LCM Coordination (detail)
  36. minor fix (detail)
  37. updated notification endpoints (detail)
  38. Minor fixes (detail)
  39. SOL003: differences in v3.3.6 implemented (detail)
  40. fix API version (detail)
  41. udpated endpoints (detail)
  42. SOL003: added notes to data types main descriptions (detail)
  43. updated endpoints descriptions (detail)
  44. removed summary (detail)
  45. upd API version endpoint (detail)
  46. Added notes and references (detail)
  47. added notes in common SOL002SOL003_def.yaml file (detail)
  48. Added notes for SOL002 resources (detail)
  49. fixed version (detail)
  50. fixed comments from SOL WG (detail)
  51. fixed comments from SOL WG (SOL003) (detail)
  52. implemented SOL003ed351 v3.3.7 (detail)
  53. implemented udpates for SOL003ed351 v3.3.8 (detail)
  54. Added changes for SOL002 v337 (detail)
  55. fixed responses ref names (detail)
  56. Updated Responses and Refs (detail)
  57. Bug fixed in SOL002 (detail)
  58. added error codes (detail)
  59. added missing error code (detail)
  60. updated response descriptions (detail)
  61. Updated error codes descriptions (detail)
  62. applied comments on SOL003 from SOL WG review (detail)
  63. reverted VNF Indicator API version to 1.3.0 (detail)
  64. addressed comments from SOL WG (detail)
  65. fix (detail)
  66. fix (detail)

Started by GitLab push by bernini

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