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Build Artifacts
  1. updated readme (detail)
  2. SOL002 initial migration to OpenAPI v3.0.2 (detail)
  3. SOL002 initial migration to OpenAPI v3 (detail)
  4. Minor fix in SOL002 VNF LCM interface (detail)
  5. Minor fix in SOL002 (detail)
  6. fixed dockerfile and jenkins validation script (detail)
  7. Fix in responses (detail)
  8. Fix in responses (detail)
  9. Responses OpenAPI 3.0.2 (detail)
  10. Responses OpenAPI 3.0.2 (detail)
  11. Responses OpenAPI 3.0.2 (detail)
  12. Responses OpenAPI 3.0.2 (detail)
  13. Responses OpenAPI 3.0.2 (detail)
  14. Notification interfaces migrated to OpenAPI 3.0.2 (detail)
  15. Minor fix (detail)
  16. SOL002_1->SOL002_23: new APIs (detail)
  17. SOL002_24->SOL002_28: Datatypes updated (detail)
  18. SOL002_29->SOL002_70: Datatypes updated (detail)
  19. Minor fix in SOL002 VNF LCM Interface (detail)
  20. VnfInstanceSubscriptionFilter interdependency (detail)
  21. VnfInstanceSubscriptionFilter interdependency (detail)
  22. Minor fix in VNF LCM Interface (detail)
  23. SOL002 datatypes' properties interdependencies (detail)
  24. Minor fix in VNF LCM Interface (detail)
  25. SOL003_4, SOL003_8 : update in data types (detail)
  26. SOL003_9>SOL003_30 : VNF LCM interface updated (detail)
  27. SOL003_31: VnfInstance data type updated (detail)
  28. SOL003_33: InstantiateVnfRequest data type updated (detail)
  29. SOL003_34: ScaleVnfToLevelRequest type updated (detail)
  30. SOL003_34/35: ChangeVnfFlavourRequest updated (detail)
  31. SOL003_38: ChangeCurrentVnfPkgRequest added (detail)
  32. SOL003_41: LccnSubscription updated (detail)
  33. SOL003_43: VnfLcmOperationOccurrenceNotification updated (detail)
  34. SOL003_46: VnfSnapshotInfo added (detail)
  35. SOL003_50/51 : ExtManagedVirtualLinkInfo updated (detail)
  36. SOL003_61: VnfcSnapshotInfo added (detail)
  37. SOL003_62: VnfLinkPortData added (detail)
  38. SOL003_67>SOL003_69: text fixes in  VNF PM interface (detail)
  39. SOL003_71>SOL003_74: text fixes in VNF FM Interface (detail)
  40. SOL003_76>SOL003_78: text fixes in VNF Indicator interface (detail)
  41. SOL003_80>SOL003_89: VNF LC Operation Granting Interface updated (detail)
  42. SOL003_92: description GET operation in "VNF package artifacts" (detail)
  43. SOL003_93/94: POST operation in "/subscriptions" endpoint (VNF P MGMT) (detail)
  44. SOL003_95: description of GET operation in "Notification" endpoint (VNF (detail)
  45. SOL003_95>102: data types in VNF Pkg Mgmt interfaces updated (detail)
  46. SOL003_104/105: POST operation in "/subscriptions" endpoint (VRQAN) (detail)
  47. SOL003_107: "VNF Snapshot Package Management" interface added (detail)
  48. SOL003: passing APIVersions to OAS3 (detail)
  49. SOL003: passing VRQAN to OAS3 (detail)
  50. SOL003: migrating VNF FM API to OAS3 (detail)
  51. API versions updated according to v030006 (detail)
  52. Modifications according to v030006 (detail)
  53. SOL002 modifications according to v03006 (detail)
  54. SOL002 minor fix (detail)
  55. SOL003: passing VNFIND3 to OAS3 (detail)
  56. SOL003: migrating VNFIND Notification API to OAS3 (detail)
  57. SOL003: migrating VNFLCM API to OAS3 (detail)
  58. SOL003: migrating VNFLCM Notification API to OAS3 (detail)
  59. SOL003: migrating VNF Lifecycle Operation Granting API to OAS3 (detail)
  60. SOL003: migrating VNF Pkg Mgmt API to OAS3 (detail)
  61. SOL003: migrating VNF Pkg Mgmt Notification API to OAS3 (detail)
  62. SOL003: migrating VNF PerfMgmt API to OAS3 (detail)
  63. SOL003: migrating VNF PerfMgmt Notification API to OAS3 (detail)
  64. SOL003_107: "VNF Snapshot Package Management" interface completed (detail)
  65. SOL003: migrating VNF FM Notification API to OAS3 (detail)
  66. SOL003_INT_15: attributes interdependecy in PkgmNotificationsFilter (detail)
  67. SOL003: v308 updates -> API versions (detail)
  68. SOL003: v308 updates ->VimConnectionInfo updated (detail)
  69. SOL003: v308 updates -> VnfExtCpData updated (detail)
  70. SOL003: v308 updates -> VnfExtCpConfig updated (detail)
  71. SOL003: v308 updates -> VNF LCM updated (1/2) (detail)
  72. SOL003 : typos fixes (detail)
  73. SOL003: v308 updates to VNF LCM -> Added: (1) Patch method in (detail)
  74. SOL003: v308 updates -> VnfInstance updated (detail)
  75. SOL003: v308 updates -> InstantiateVnfRequest updated (detail)
  76. SOL003: v308 updates -> ScaleVnfToLevelRequest updated (detail)
  77. SOL003: v308 updates -> ChangeVnfFlavourRequest updated (detail)
  78. SOL003: v308 updates -> ChangeExtVnfConnectivityRequest updated (detail)
  79. SOL003: v308 updates -> ChangeCurrentVnfPkgRequest updated (detail)
  80. SOL003: v308 updates -> VnfInfoModificationRequest updated (detail)
  81. SOL003: v308 updates -> VnfInfoModifications updated (detail)
  82. SOL003: v308 updates -> VnfLcmOpOcc updated (detail)
  83. SOL003: v308 updates -> VnfLcmOperationOccurrenceNotification updated (detail)
  84. SOL003: v308 updates -> VnfSnapshotInfo updated (detail)
  85. SOL003: v308 updates -> VnfSnapshot updated, (detail)
  86. SOL003: v308 updates -> VnfcResourceInfo updated (detail)
  87. SOL003: v308 updates -> VnfLinkPortInfo updated (detail)
  88. SOL003: v308 updates -> AffectedVirtualLink updated (detail)
  89. SOL003: v308 updates -> AffectedExtLinkPort updated (detail)
  90. SOL003: v308 updates -> VnfcSnapshotInfo updated (detail)
  91. SOL003: v308 updates -> VnfStateSnapshotInfo,  Checksum (holder) added (detail)
  92. SOL003: v308 updates -> ModificationsTriggeredByVnfPkgChange updated (detail)
  93. SOL003: v308 updates -> StopType updated (detail)
  94. SOL003: v308 updates : SupportedIndicatorsChangeNotification added and (detail)
  95. SOL003: Fixins definition files' names (detail)
  96. SOL003: fixing broken references (detail)
  97. Fixed issues on SOL003 from SOL WG review (detail)
  98. fix bad reference in VnfInstance (detail)
  99. SOL002 fixes (detail)
  100. SOL002 fixes (detail)
  101. updated common data types (detail)
  102. updated ref to common data type (detail)
  103. fixed issues found by Nokia review (detail)
  104. fix typo (detail)
  105. Fixes in datatypes (detail)
  106. Fixes in datatypes (detail)
  107. Fixes in datatypes (detail)
  108. SOL002/SOL003 common data types fixed (detail)
  109. Minor issues fixed (detail)
  110. Editorial issues fixed (detail)
  111. Editorial issues fixed (detail)
  112. Minor fix (detail)
  113. Editorial fix (detail)
  114. fixed text for reporting bugs and removed old attribute-based filtering (detail)
  115. updated url to published SOL002 and SOL003 v3.3.1 (detail)
  116. updated README (detail)

Started by GitLab push by Michele Carignani

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