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  1. New Resource added in SOL011: Grants.robot (detail)
  2. New Resource IndividualGrant added in SOL011 (detail)
  3. New resource:Subscription.robot added in NSIUN-API (detail)
  4. New resource: IndividualSubscription added in NSIUN-API (detail)
  5. NotificationEndpoint and NotificationConsumer resources added in (detail)
  6. New test cases added (detail)
  7. added API Version tests (detail)
  8. fixes to  NSInstanceUsageNotification-API (detail)
  9. fixes to  NSLifecycleOperationGranting-API (detail)
  10. fixed test ids (detail)
  11. added SOL011 index file (detail)
  12. updated readme (detail)
  13. APIVersion.robot resource added in SOL012 (detail)
  14. APIVersion.robot resource added in SOL012 PM-API (detail)
  15. Subscriptions resource added in SOL012-PM-API (detail)
  16. Individual Subscription resource added in SOL012 PM-API (detail)
  17. Notification Endpoint resource added in SOL012 PM-API (detail)
  18. Notification Consumer resource added in PolicyManagement-API (detail)
  19. Policies resource added in PolicyManagement-API (detail)
  20. IndividualPolicy resource added in PolicyManagement-API (detail)
  21. added json body template and schema for PolicyModifications data type (detail)
  22. New resource added in PolicyManagement-API (detail)
  23. New resource added in SOL012 PolicyManagement-API (detail)
  24. minor fixes and additional test cases added for PolicyManagement-API (detail)
  25. fixed typo (detail)
  26. updated policy related tests (subscriptions, ..) (detail)
  27. updated config and usage of auth header (detail)
  28. updated usage of auth header (detail)
  29. updated paged response test cases for Policies and Subscriptions (detail)
  30. minor typo and bug fixes (detail)

Started by GitLab push by bernini

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