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  1. New Resource added in SOL011: Grants.robot (detail)
  2. New Resource IndividualGrant added in SOL011 (detail)
  3. New resource:Subscription.robot added in NSIUN-API (detail)
  4. New resource: IndividualSubscription added in NSIUN-API (detail)
  5. NotificationEndpoint and NotificationConsumer resources added in (detail)
  6. New test cases added (detail)
  7. added API Version tests (detail)
  8. fixes to  NSInstanceUsageNotification-API (detail)
  9. fixes to  NSLifecycleOperationGranting-API (detail)
  10. fixed test ids (detail)
  11. added SOL011 index file (detail)

Started by GitLab push by bernini

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