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To ensure that permanent URLs to an attachment for a specification are readable and permanent follow the best practices listed below.

In brief

GOOD examples:

Usage Example
For the entire project<TB>/<SPEC>/
For a specific version (where <VERSION> is a TAG)<TB>/<SPEC>/tree/<VERSION>
For a folder within the project<TB>/<SPEC>/tree/<VERSION>/<FOLDER-PATH>
For a file in the mode<TB>/<SPEC>/blob/<VERSION>/<FOLDER-PATH>/<FILE>

BAD examples:

Bad practice Example
Including the tool (Gitlab) in the tool
Including the version in the name of the file<TB>/<SPEC>/blob/<BRANCH>/my_file_vA.B.C.txt
Using a link containing the word master (unless you know what you are doing)<TB>/<SPEC>/blob/master/...

Tool independent link

Remember to use the tool independent link:

instead of

Use Tags!

Once the interim or final version of the work is accomplished and uploaded to the repository (see here how to do it), you should create a GIT Tag with the correct version (e.g. the version of the ETSI Deliverable).

To do so, simply visit the tags page in your project/repository (e.g.<GROUP>/<REPO>/tags ) by clicking on the Repository menu item.

To do so, follow the steps:

  1. Go to the repository
  2. In the menu on the left, select Repository then Tags
  3. Click on the Create Tag green button
  4. Fill in the following information
    1. Tag name: the version in a short version, e.g. v2.1.1
    2. Create from: Choose the correct branch or revision! (IMPORTANT)
    3. Message: You may add a description of the version
    4. Release note: Optional

Pretty view vs Raw view

When clicking on file in a repository, the repository manager app (Gitlab) will show the contents presented in a framed box, with syntax highlighting (if supported). This is a "prettyfied" view.

In order to view the file in a "standalone" mode, i.e. the direct file only, you may want to have a "raw" view of the file. The raw view can be reached with the button at the top of the content frame as show in the figure below.

Gitlab Raw view button.png
An example of YAML file in the pretty print view
An example of YAML file in the pretty print view
An example of YAML file in the Raw view.
An example of YAML file in the Raw view.

Do not encode versioning in the files

Do not hard code the version in the file name, e.g. DO NOT:


instead use


and let the GIT system manage and provide the licensing information.

In the same way, it is very bad practice to keep a list of folders such as (example based on fictitious ASN.1 modules for TB XYZ):