Troubleshooting Gitlab

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Clone on Windows: Could not resolve hostname

If you clone a project using SSH, Windows may answer:

 ssh: Could not resolve hostname Name or service
 not known.

How to fix:

  1. Check that there are not mispellings in the URL
  2. Try adding a / after the colon, i.e:
  3. Try using HTTPS instead of SSH

"Authentication Failed" when pushing on master

If you receive a "Authentication error" while pushing your changes to the master branch, you most probably have a role "Developer" in the project, which does not allow you to push onto the master branch.

You will want to push to another branch (an existing one or a newly created), by issuing the following git command (or similar operation using a visual tool):

git push origin <local-branch>:<remote-branch>

For example, if you developed a new feature you would like to contribute in a new branch called "new-feature", you will want to issue the command:

git push origin new-feature:new-feature