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To request the creation of a repository for your ETSI group, please follow the instructions below

Ask your Chairman or you Technical Officer to send an email to cti_support at etsi dot org

containing the following information:

Information needed for the creation of the repository Value (to be filled in) Description
Repository name A concise and descriptive name to indicate the content of the project.
Repository namespace The group that will contain your repository. Usually the name of your TB/ISG.
Repository description The text to describe your project to other EOL users or to the public.
Issue tracker requested Yes or No. The issue tracker is a way to collect feedback on the project content by other EOL users.
Issue tracker type (Bugzilla / Gitlab) Bugzilla or Gitlab
Issue tracker specific requirements (e.g. Catergories names)
Wiki pages requested Yes or No.
Visibility (Public / Restricted to ... )
Other requirements