Jenkins and Gitlab integration

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Jenkins job configuration

  1. Create Jenkins job
  2. Set up permissions
  1. Set up Git information
  1. Set up the trigger
    • Remember to take note of the link to be used as a hook
    • Important: Click on advanced and generate a secure token to be used in Gitlab
  1. Set up post build actions

Gitlab project configuration

  1. Navigate to the project Integrations settings (e.g. [1])
  2. Insert the link generated by the Gitlab Plugin in Jenkins as the webhook uri
  3. Set the secret token
  4. click test and select "Push"

Debug build results

To investigate the results of a build in Gitlab, visit the page of a commit (or of a Merge Request) and click on the stage icon, as in the figure below:

To check the results of the build, click on the Icon next to "stage", then click on the "jenkins" step.

Once in Jenkins, you can access the console output in the menu on the left