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ETSI Forge collaboration process is based on the Git versioning system. This means that the shared materials and documents are tracked and versioned at each revision.

In this page we will go through the initial setup to contribute to the Forge.

In case something is missing, feel free to edit and add it to this page. If help is needed you can send an email at

Set up Git

On Windows

Install a Git client on your Windows operating system. You may find a list of Windows applications to manage Git repositories here.

The following steps are based on Tortoise Git, but should be similar for other client.

  1. Install Git for Windows
  2. Install Tortoise Git

Set up your profile

In order to use the git repositories at Forge, to contribute and to review code you will need to

  1. Log into the platform: Click here
    1. Use your EOL credentials to login.
  2. (Optional) Set up your SSH keys: Click here
    1. This is needed if you intend to push/pull commits over SSH.
  3. (Optional) Customize your profile: Click here
    1. You may add your picture, some bios, etc.
  4. That's it! Now visit the Projects or Groups pages to discover the many activities on the Forge.

How to contribute

Find out how to clone a repository in How to contribute.