Commit f07f7ba7 authored by Giacomo Bernini's avatar Giacomo Bernini
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fixed pnfd file usage

parent 9b8ec7fe
......@@ -710,9 +710,10 @@ Send PUT Request to upload PNFD Content as zip file
Send PUT Request to upload PNFD Content with conflict due to onboarding state
Log Trying to perform a PUT. This method upload the content of a PNFD
Set Headers {"Accept": "${ACCEPT_ZIP}"}
Set Headers {"Content-Type": "application/zip"}
Run Keyword If ${AUTH_USAGE} == 1 Set Headers {"Authorization": "${AUTHORIZATION}"}
${body}= Get Binary File ${contentFilePnfd}
REST.PUT ${apiRoot}/${apiName}/${apiMajorVersion}/pnf_descriptors/${creatingNsdInfoId}/pnfd_content ${body}
${body}= Get Binary File ${contentZipPnfd}
REST.PUT ${apiRoot}/${apiName}/${apiMajorVersion}/pnf_descriptors/${creatingPnfdInfoId}/pnfd_content data=${body}
${output}= Output response
Set Suite Variable ${response} ${output}
......@@ -65,7 +65,7 @@ ${range} bytes=0-1023
${erroneousRange} bytes=100000-1000000 # Requesting a out of range number of bytes
${onboardingStateNsdInfoId} b992a851-08b1-45a8-9282-a5f7a7df04a6
${contentZipNsd} files/
${contentFileNsd} files/
${contentFileNsd} files/nsd.yml
${creatingNsdInfoId} 71241932-994a-46e2-ad6c-1740674dda44
${BAD_AUTHORIZATION} Bear sometoken
${original_etag} 1234
......@@ -79,6 +79,7 @@ ${SEPERATOR} =
${pnfdInfoId} 40853bda-8a8f-4f63-9130-cef439f65348
${creatingPnfdInfoId} 71241932-994a-46e2-ad6c-1740674dda44
${erroneous_pnfdInfoId} erroneous_pnfdInfoId
${enabledPnfdInfoId} 40853bda-8a8f-4f63-9130-cef439f65348
${erroneous_pnfdId} erroneousPnfdId
-id: nsd_id
-name: nsd_name
\ No newline at end of file
-id: pnfd_id
-name: pnfd_name
\ No newline at end of file
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