Commit 91ddde30 authored by Elian Kraja's avatar Elian Kraja
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Fix issue #157

parent fd44ec14
......@@ -9,4 +9,3 @@ ${vnfPkgPlainVNFD} c26ad7fb-072b-48c4-a663-7d71646d9e98 # The VNF Pakcage
${vnfPkgZipVNFD} f5b220d4-6177-4ebb-a554-a43311e16075 # The VNF Package contains a VNFD composed by multiple files
${erroneousVnfPkgId} erroneousPkgId
${onboardingStateVnfPkgId} 788106a2-d692-44f3-a86d-384f0ce35e42 # The VNF Package is in CREATED onboardingState
${vnfPackageId} 788106a2-d692-44f3-a86d-384f0ce35e42
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