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......@@ -6,16 +6,22 @@ the APIs defined in ETSI NFV GS [SOL002](
[SOL005](, in their versions
More information and download is available at DGS/NFV-TST010ed281.
More information and download is available at [DGS/NFV-TST010ed281](
**{- Disclaimer: The content of this repository is related to a DRAFT, i.e. a working document, of ETSI ISG NFV.-}**
## Available versions
{-It is provided for information only and is still under development. The content may be updated, replaced, or removed at any time. Do not use as reference material.-}
The NFV API Conformance test specification is available in the following versions:
The latest draft may be downloaded at the [ISG NFV open area](
| TST010 Version | SOL Specifications | API Conformance Tests |
| v2.4.1 | SOL002 SOL003 SOL005 v2.4.1 | [v2.4.1]( |
| v2.6.1 | SOL002 SOL003 SOL005 v2.6.1 | [v2.6.1]( |
| v2.7.1 | SOL002 SOL003 SOL005 v2.7.1 | [v2.7.1](
| v2.8.1 | SOL002 SOL003 SOL005 v2.8.1 | [v2.7.1](|
| v3.3.1 | SOL002 SOL003 SOL005 v3.3.1<br>SOL009 SOL011 v3.3.1<br>SOL012 v3.4.1 | [v3.3.1]( |
## Overview
## Test Specification Overview
The Test Specification is built as a collection of [Robot Framework]( Test Description. [Robot Framework]( is a generic test automation framework for acceptance testing and acceptance
test-driven development.
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