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**IMPORTANT: This repository and the NFV API Conformance Test Specification is Work in Progress. The current version focuses on conformance tests of individual SOL002 and SOL003 resource endpoints. The [Robot Framework]( Test Descriptions are expected to be consolidated and reviewed in the short term, and possibly re-organized to ease automation of NFV workflows testing. SOL005 Test Descriptions are under development and will be contributed during Q1-2019.**
## Content structure
This repository is following the structure of the ETSI NFV GS [SOL002](, [SOL003](, [SOL005]( specifications. It includes a dedicated folder for each of these NFV spec, with individual sub-folders for every interface in the given specification, following this structure:
For each of the interface sub-folders, a list of [Robot Framework]( files is included, each providing the set of Test Cases related to a given resource endpoint within the reference interface. In addition, the following sub-folders are included:
The *jsons* folders include the templates for the JSON requests to be issued automatically issued by the Test System. The tester is expected to fill or complete the content of these JSON requests according to the tests to be executed.
The *schemas* folders include the JSON schemas for requests and reponses over the . They are extracted from the [SOL002](, [SOL003]( and [SOL005]( OpenAPIs.
The *environment* folders include the list of variables and parameters used in the [Robot Framework]( Test Cases. The tester is expected to value these variables according to the tests to be executed.
## Dependencies and Preconditions
The main precondition for running the tests is having [Robot Framework]( installed.
The [Robot Framework Installation Instructions]( provide full details of the installation procedure.
For those familiar with installing Python packages with [pip]( package manager, the following command can be run to install [Robot Framework](
$ pip install robotframework
[Robot Framework]( 3.0 is recommended for this NFV API Conformance Test Specification. It requires Python 3.
### Robot Framework Required Libraries
The [Robot Framework]( Test Cases in this repository depend on the following libraries:
* [RESTInstance](
* [DependencyLibrary](
* [JSONLibrary](
* [JSONSchemaLibrary](
* [MockServer](
The [MockServer]( library has been patched to have support of JSON schema validation.
The patch to be applied is available at:
The patch can be installed with the following commands:
$ git clone
$ cd robotframework-mockserver
$ patch <this_repo_dir>/extensions/mockserverlibrary.patch
$ python -m pip install -e robotframework-mockserver
## Running Tests
The [Robot Framework]( Test Cases in this repository can be executed with the following command:
$ robot <name_of_the_robot_file>
To execute all test case files in a directory recursively, just give the directory as an argument. You can also give multiple files or directories in one go and use various command line options supported by [Robot Framework](
For more information about the command line usage, you can run:
$ robot --help
The [Robot Framework User Guide]( provides full details on how to execute tests in general.
More information at [NFV API Conformance Test Specification wiki]().
## How to raise issues
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