Commit 49b65226 authored by Najam UI Hassan's avatar Najam UI Hassan
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fix added

parent 62bd77e7
......@@ -40,7 +40,7 @@ Post VNF Indicator Value Change Notification
Set Headers {"Content-Type": "${CONTENT_TYPE_JSON}"}
Run Keyword If ${AUTH_USAGE} == 1 Set Headers {"Authorization":"${AUTHORIZATION}"}
${template} = Get File jsons/VnfIndicatorValueChangeNotification.json
${body}= Format String ${template} subscriptionId=${subscriptionId} indicatorId=indicatorId vnfInstanceId=${vnfInstanceId}
${body}= Format String ${template} subscriptionId=${subscriptionId} indicatorId=${indicatorId} vnfInstanceId=${vnfInstanceId}
Post ${callbackResp} ${body}
${outputResponse}= Output response
Set Global Variable ${response} ${outputResponse}
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