Commit 35cbc2de authored by Hammad Zafar's avatar Hammad Zafar
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resolved the inconsistency in SOL003 indexes

parent 9d058dbf
......@@ -45,7 +45,7 @@,Individual VNF Package Resource Endpoint, IndividualVNFPackage.robot,VNF Package Content Resource Endpoint, VNFPackageContent.robot,VNFD In Individual VNF Package Resource Endpoint, VNFDInIndividualVNFPackage.robot,Individual VNF Package Artifact Resource Endpoint, VNFPackageArtifacts.robot,Individual VNF Package Artifact Resource Endpoint, IndividualVNFPackageArtifacts.robot,Subscriptions Resource Endpoint, Subscriptions.robot,Individual Subscription Resource Endpoint, IndividualSubscription.robot,Notifications, Notifications.robot
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