Commit 21fc5ae0 authored by Giacomo Bernini's avatar Giacomo Bernini
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fixed pnfd file usage

parent cd760d55
......@@ -701,7 +701,7 @@ Get PNFD Content with conflict due to onboarding state
Send PUT Request to upload PNFD Content as zip file
Log Trying to perform a PUT. This method upload the content of a PNFD
Create Session pnfd ${NFVO_SCHEMA}://${NFVO_HOST}:${NFVO_PORT} headers={"Accept": "${ACCEPT_PLAIN}", "Content-Type": "${ACCEPT_PLAIN}", "Authorization": "${AUTHORIZATION}"} verify=False
${body}= Get Binary File ${contentZipFile}
${body}= Get Binary File ${contentFilePnfd}
${response}= Put Request pnfd ${apiRoot}/${apiName}/${apiMajorVersion}/pnf_descriptors/${pnfdInfoId}/pnfd_content data=${body}
Should Be Empty ${response.text}
${response}= Create Dictionary status=${response.status_code}
......@@ -65,7 +65,6 @@ ${range} bytes=0-1023
${erroneousRange} bytes=100000-1000000 # Requesting a out of range number of bytes
${onboardingStateNsdInfoId} b992a851-08b1-45a8-9282-a5f7a7df04a6
${contentZipFile} files/
${contentPlainFile} files/nsdContent.yaml
${creatingNsdInfoId} 71241932-994a-46e2-ad6c-1740674dda44
${BAD_AUTHORIZATION} Bear sometoken
${original_etag} 1234
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