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*** Setting ***
Suite Setup    Create Sessions
Suite Teardown    Terminate All Processes    kill=true
Resource    variables.txt
Library    OperatingSystem
Library    MockServerLibrary
Library    Process
Library    BuiltIn
Library    Collections
Library    String
Library    JSONSchemaLibrary    schemas/
Library    JSONLibrary
...    Preconditions:
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Elian Kraja committed
...    ...    Mock server's jar should be locally present on the same directory when the test will run
...    ...    The notification endpoint will be configured on http://localhost:8888/subscribe
...    ...    Subscription to LCM operations previously performed using as callback_URI: http://localhost:8888/subscribe.

*** Test Cases ***
Create VNFInstance
    Log    Start Notification handler
    ${req}=    Start Notification Handler     VnfIdentifierCreationNotification    ${callback_endpoint}
    Log     Create VNF Instance Resource
    ${resource_response} =    Create VNF Resource
    Validate Status Code    ${resource_response.status_code}    201
    Validate Header    ${resource_response.headers}    Location
    Validate Header    ${resource_response.headers}    Content-Type
    Validate JsonSchema    ${resource_response.body}    vnfInstance.schema.json
    Verify Notification Handler     ${req}
    Log    Instantiate VNF
    ${req}=    Start Notification Handler     VnfLcmOperationOccurrenceNotification    ${callback_endpoint}
    ${instance_response}=    Instantiate VNF   ${}
    Validate Status Code    ${instance_response.status_code}    202
    Validate Header    ${instance_response.headers}    Location
    Wait Until VNF Instantiated    ${instance_response.headers.Location}
    Verify Notification Handler     ${req}
    Log    Retrieve VNF Instance
    ${get_response}=    Retrieve VNFinstance    ${}
    Should Not Be Empty    ${get_response}
    Validate Status Code    ${get_response.status_code}    200
    Should Be Equal    ${}    ${}    
    Validate Header    ${get_response.headers}    Content-Type
    Validate JsonSchema    ${get_response.body}    vnfInstance.schema.json
*** Keywords ***
Create VNF Resource
    Log    Create VNF instance by POST to ${apiRoot}/${apiName}/${apiVersion}/vnf_instances
    Set Headers  {"Accept":"${ACCEPT}"}  
    Set Headers  {"Content-Type": "${CONTENT_TYPE}"}
    Run Keyword If    ${AUTH_USAGE} == 1    Set Headers    {"Authorization":"${AUTHORIZATION}"}
    ${body}=    Get File    json/createVnfRequest.json
    Post    ${apiRoot}/${apiName}/${apiVersion}/vnf_instances    ${body}
    [Return]    response 

Instantiate VNF
    [Arguments]    ${vnfInstanceId}
    Log    Instantiate a vnf Instance
    Set Headers  {"Accept":"${ACCEPT}"}  
    Set Headers  {"Content-Type": "${CONTENT_TYPE}"}
    Run Keyword If    ${AUTH_USAGE} == 1    Set Headers    {"Authorization":"${AUTHORIZATION}"}
    ${body}=    Get File    json/instantiateVnfRequest.json
    Post    ${apiRoot}/${apiName}/${apiVersion}/vnf_instances/${vnfInstanceId}/instantiate    ${body}
    [Return]    response   

Validate Status Code
    [Arguments]    ${curr_status}    ${exp_status}    
    Should Be Equal    ${curr_status}    ${exp_status}
    Log    Status code validated 

Validate Header
    [Arguments]    ${headers}    ${CONTENT_TYPE}
    Should Contain    ${headers}    ${CONTENT_TYPE}
    Log    Header is present

Validate JsonSchema
    [Arguments]    ${body}    ${schema}
    ${json}=    evaluate    json.loads('''${body}''')    json
    Validate Json    ${schema}    ${json}
    Log    Validation OK
Validate VNF Status
    [Arguments]    ${current}    ${expected}
    Should Be Equal As Strings    ${current}    ${expected}
    Log    VNF Status in the correct status
Retrieve VNFinstance
    [Arguments]    ${vnfId}
    Set Headers  {"Accept":"${ACCEPT}"}  
    Set Headers  {"Content-Type": "${CONTENT_TYPE}"}
    Run Keyword If    ${AUTH_USAGE} == 1    Set Headers    {"Authorization":"${AUTHORIZATION}"}
    Get    ${apiRoot}/${apiName}/${apiVersion}/vnf_instances/${vnfId}
	[Return]	response
Create Sessions
    Start Process  java  -jar  mockserver-netty-5.3.0-jar-with-dependencies.jar  -serverPort  ${callback_port}  alias=mockInstance
    Wait For Process  handle=mockInstance  timeout=5s  on_timeout=continue
    Create Mock Session  ${callback_uri}:${callback_port}
Start Notification Handler
    [Arguments]    ${element}    ${endpoint}
    ${json}=	Get File	schemas/${element}.schema.json
    ${BODY}=	evaluate	json.loads('''${json}''')	json
    Log  Creating mock request and response to handle ${element}
    &{req}=  Create Mock Request Matcher Schema	POST  ${endpoint}  body=${BODY}
    &{rsp}=  Create Mock Response Schema	headers="Content-Type: application/json"  status_code=204
    Create Mock Expectation  ${req}  ${rsp}
    [Return]    ${req}

Verify Notification Handler
    [Arguments]    ${request}
    Verify Mock Expectation  ${request}
    Clear Requests  ${callback_endpoint}
Wait Until VNF Instantiated
    [Arguments]    ${vnfLcmOpOccId}
    :FOR    ${i}    IN RANGE    20
    \    Get  ${vnfLcmOpOccId}
    \    ${body}=    Output    response body
    \    Exit For Loop If    ${body.operationState} == COMPLETED
    \    Sleep 5s