Commit c7f88f26 authored by Samir Medjiah's avatar Samir Medjiah
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CIM & PM: added fixes

parent bf37c069
......@@ -1329,7 +1329,7 @@ components:
description: >
Reference of the managed object to which the state change notification relates.
The value of the "type" attribute shall be "MANO_ENTITY" or "MANO_SERVICE_IF".
$ref: "#../components/SOL009_comps.yaml#/components/schemas/ManoManagedObjectReference"
$ref: "../components/SOL009_comps.yaml#/components/schemas/ManoManagedObjectReference"
description: >
New operational state of the managed object. Shall only be present when
......@@ -560,7 +560,7 @@ components:
description: >
An indication of whether the threshold was crossed in upward or downward direction.
$ref: "#/components/schemas/CrossingDirectionType"
$ref: "../components/SOL009_comps.yaml#/components/schemas/CrossingDirectionType"
description: >
Type of measured object.The applicable measured object type for a measurement
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