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Merge branch '3.3.1-dev' of into 3.3.1-dev

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# Copyright ETSI 2017
# See:
FROM alpine:3.6
FROM alpine:3.10.0
RUN env
RUN apk update
......@@ -16,9 +16,9 @@ RUN gem install rdoc --pre || gem install rdoc --pre
RUN gem install asciidoctor-pdf-cjk
RUN wget
RUN npm config set proxy $http_proxy
RUN npm install -g swagger-cli@0.10.3
RUN npm install -g json-refs@3.0.2
RUN npm install -g yamljs@0.3.0
RUN npm install -g swagger-cli
RUN npm install -g json-refs
RUN npm install -g yamljs
RUN chmod +x /
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