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SOL009_45: In POST, new response body added

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......@@ -684,6 +684,42 @@ components:
$ref: "#/components/schemas/LogReport"
description: >
422 Unprocessable Entity
Shall be returned upon the following error: The content type
of the payload body is supported and the payload body of a request
contains syntactically correct data but the data cannot be processed.
The general cause for this error and its handling is specified in
clause 6.4 of ETSI GS NFV-SOL 013, including rules for the presence
of the response body.
Specifically in case of this resource, the response code 422 shall also
be returned if the API producer has tested the Notification endpoint as
described in clause and the test has failed.
In this case, the "detail" attribute in the "ProblemDetails" structure
shall convey more information about the error.
description: >
Challenge if the corresponding HTTP request has not provided
authorization, or error details if the corresponding HTTP
request has provided an invalid authorization token.
type: string
description: >
Version of the API used in the response.
type: string
$ref: "../components/SOL009_schemas.yaml#/components/schemas/ProblemDetails"
description: >-
Shall be returned when the request has been accepted for processing, and it is expected to take some
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