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This README explains how the sol006-metadata.json file is used to populate
information in

This JSON file has been created using the example file described here. Note,
the first two lines in the example are really for putting on the command
line, and not be included in the JSON file.

Once the file has been populated, the following command should be used to
upload the metadata into the YANG Catalog.

curl -X PUT -u <username>:<password> -H "Content-type: application/json" --upload-file sol006-metadata.json

where the 'username' and 'password' can be requested at

A successfule submission should result in an output that gives a job-id
like this:

{"info":"Verification successful","job-id":"75883423-a6b7-4e9e-94ad-0983a0a8cac7"}

Use the following link to verify the status of the job:<job-id>

If the submission is in progress, expect an output as follows:

{"info":{"job-id":"7b7f3436-34e9-4947-aa60-402102cdff05","reason":null,"result":"In progress\n"}}

and once it is complete, and the submission fails, expect an output as


Or if it is successful expect an output like this:

{"info":{"job-id":"75883423-a6b7-4e9e-94ad-0983a0a8cac7","reason":null,"result":"Finished successfully\n"}}