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Merge branch 'issue#62' into 'dev-v4.3.1'

issue #62 Implementation of Mcio data from IFA011ed431

See merge request !121
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......@@ -719,6 +719,34 @@ submodule etsi-nfv-vnf {
container mcio-identification-data {
leaf name {
mandatory true;
type string;
"The name of the mcio.";
leaf type {
mandatory true;
type enumeration {
enum "Deployment";
enum "StatefulSet";
"The type of the mcio.";
"Name and type of the MCIO that realizes this VDU.It allows
the VNFM to identify the MCIO e.g. when querying the CISM.
It shall be present when the VDU is realized by one or a
set of OS containers and shall be absent otherwise.";
"GS NFV IFA011: Section, VDU Information
list virtual-compute-desc {
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