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Merge branch 'issue#1' into 'dev-v2.8.1'

Issue#1 - Clarify sequencing rules for LIfeCycleManagementScript events between external and internal

See merge request !55
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......@@ -393,6 +393,19 @@ submodule etsi-nfv-common {
typedef external-lifecycle-management-script-event {
type enumeration {
enum "instantiation";
enum "scaling";
enum "healing";
enum "termination";
enum "vnf-flavour-change";
enum "vnf-operation-change";
enum "vnf-ext-conn-change";
enum "vnfinfo-modification";
grouping local-affinity-or-anti-affinity-rule {
list local-affinity-or-anti-affinity-rule {
key "type scope";
......@@ -2977,10 +2977,25 @@ submodule etsi-nfv-vnf {
leaf-list event {
type internal-lifecycle-management-script-event;
type union {
type internal-lifecycle-management-script-event;
type external-lifecycle-management-script-event;
"Describes VNF lifecycle event(s) or an external stimulus
detected on a VNFM reference point.";
detected on a VNFM reference point.
If the event is of type
internal-lifecycle-management-script-event, then depending
on whether the event is of type start-* or end-*, the
script associated with the VNF LCM operation needs to be
executed before the event, or after the event,
On the other hand, if the event is of type
external-lifecycle-management-script-event, then the
script associated with the event needs to be executed
for the given VNF LCM operation.";
"GS NFV IFA011: Section 7.1.13 LifeCycleManagementScript
information element";
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