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# ETSI NFV-SOL 006 - YANG models for NFV descriptors
# ETSI NFV-SOL 006 v2.7.1 - YANG models for NFV descriptors
This repository consists of YANG models for representing Network Functions Virtualisation (NFV)
descriptors, fulfilling the requirements specified in ETSI GS NFV-IFA 011 and
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A more detailed explanation of the models and the examples can be found in [ETSI GS NFV-SOL 006](
## Repository organization
Given the versioning conventions of ISG NFV, **only the first two digits** of the version are increased in subsequent releases (e.g. `2.6.1`, `2.7.1`, `2.8.1`, `3.1.1`, ...).
In order to keep alignment between the versions of the repository and the versions of ETSI GS NFV-SOL 006, the following approach was agreed:
* When a new revision `A.B.C` of SOL 006 is initiated a new branch `dev-vA.B.C` is created on top of the previously published branch;
* The README gets modified in order to show the new target version and to indicate that the content is still in the drafting phase;
* When the content is to be published, a new branch `vA.B.C` is created and the branch `dev-vA.B.C` is merged in it;
* When the document is published the branch `vA.B.C` gets frozen and no more contributions are allowed.
## How to contribute
ETSI Forge uses Gitlab to manage submissions to the repository.
Supports Markdown
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