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Added explanation for keys and for additional-modification-description

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......@@ -3077,6 +3077,11 @@ submodule etsi-nfv-vnf {
list vnf-package-change-info {
// IFA011ed332 defines the key as VersionSelector, which is
// nothing but a combination of src-vnfd-id, dst-vnfd-id and
// src-flavour-id. YANG cannot use a composite as a key, and
// therefore the model breaks it out as three elements that
// form the key.
key "src-vnfd-id dst-vnfd-id src-flavour-id";
leaf src-vnfd-id {
......@@ -3158,6 +3163,18 @@ submodule etsi-nfv-vnf {
information element";
leaf-list additional-modification-description {
type string;
"A VNF provider may define additional information to
qualify further the change between the two versions,
such as 'VNF upgrade', 'VNF update', 'VNF downgrade',
"GS NFV IFA011: Section VnfPackageChangeInfo
information element";
list component-mapping {
key "type";
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