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Merge branch 'issue#6' into 'dev-v3.3.1'

Issue#6 - NFVIFA_IFA011_8_4_2_4_cpumap

See merge request !61
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<nsd xmlns="urn:etsi:nfv:yang:etsi-nfv-nsd">
<nfv xmlns="urn:etsi:nfv:yang:etsi-nfv-descriptors">
<provider>My Company</provider>
......@@ -133,4 +133,4 @@
......@@ -770,6 +770,22 @@ submodule etsi-nfv-vnf {
"GS NFV IFA011: Section,
VirtualCpuPinningData information element.";
leaf-list cpu-policy {
type enumeration {
enum "dedicated";
enum "shared";
"Shows the list of dedicated virtual CPU cores and
shared virtual CPU cores in a VM. Dedicated refers to
a virtual CPU core occupies one physical CPU core.
Shared refers to multi virtual CPU cores shared one
physical CPU core.";
"GS NFV IFA011: Section,
VirtualCpuPinningData information element.";
"The virtual CPU pinning configuration for the
virtualised compute resource.";
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