Commit 09895c4d authored by Michele Carignani's avatar Michele Carignani
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fixed order of pyang arguments and improved header with logo, commit, build

parent 2a39fa36
......@@ -11,11 +11,23 @@ IMG_NAME="sol006"
CMT=$(git rev-parse --short HEAD)
docker build --tag "$IMG" .
docker run "$IMG"
echo "Building HTML tree"
docker run -v"$(pwd)/src/yang:/yang/" mjethanandani/pyang "/bin/sh" -c "pyang -f jstree /yang/*" > "etsi-nfv.html"
docker run -v"$(pwd)/src/yang/:/yang/" mjethanandani/pyang \
"/bin/sh" -c "cd /yang/ && pyang -f jstree \
/yang/etsi-nfv-vnf.yang /yang/etsi-nfv-common.yang \
/yang/etsi-nfv-pnf.yang /yang/etsi-nfv-ns.yang /yang/etsi-nfv.yang \
> etsi-nfv.html"
sed -r -i 's|<a href=\"">|<a href="">|g' src/yang/etsi-nfv.html
sed -r -i 's|data\:image/gif\;base64,R0lGODlhS.*RCAA7|\" height=\"100|g' src/yang/etsi-nfv.html
sed -r -i "s|<div class=\"app\">|<p>Commit: <a href=\"${CMT}\">$CMT</a>, Build:<a href\"$BUILD_URL\">$BUILD_NUMBER<a/></p><div class=\"app\">|g" src/yang/etsi-nfv.html
exit $?
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