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SOL005_17: ApiVersionInformation data type added to SOL005 common def file

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......@@ -211,4 +211,47 @@ definitions:
The value set of the "vimLevelResourceType" attribute is within the scope
of the VIM or the resource provider and can be used as information that
complements the ResourceHandle.
type: string
\ No newline at end of file
type: string
description: >
This type represents API version information.
type: object
- uriPrefix
- apiVersions
description: >
Specifies the URI prefix for the API, in the following form
type: string
description: >
Version(s) supported for the API signalled by the uriPrefix attribute.
type: array
type: object
description: >
Identifies a supported version. The value of the version attribute shall
be a version identifier as specified in clause 4.6.1.
type: string
required: true
description: >
If such information is available, this attribute indicates whether use of the
version signaled by the version attribute is deprecated (true) or not (false).
A deprecated version is still supported by the API producer but is recommended
not to be used any longer. When a version is no longer supported, it does not
appear in the response body.
$ref: "#/definitions/Boolean"
required: false
description: >
The date and time after which the API version will no longer be supported.
This attribute may be included if the value of the isDeprecated attribute
is set to true and shall be absent otherwise.
$ref: "#/definitions/DateTime"
required: false
\ No newline at end of file
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