Commit a5ba937d authored by Samir Medjiah's avatar Samir Medjiah
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SOL005_59: "filter" parameter description added in GET "Subscriptions" (NF LCM)

parent ae361d46
......@@ -1461,6 +1461,16 @@ paths:
functional block that invokes the method. It can be used e.g. for
resynchronization after error situations.
- name: filter
in: query
required: false
type: string
description: >
Attribute-based filtering expression according to clause 4.3.2.
The NFVO shall support receiving this parameter as part of the URI query string.
The OSS/BSS may supply this parameter.
All attribute names that appear in the LccnSubscription and in data types
referenced from it shall be supported by the NFVO in the filter expression.
- name: nextpage_opaque_marker
in: query
description: >
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