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SOL005_19: update note of VnfLocationConstraint datamodel

parent 69f2f599
......@@ -2142,6 +2142,12 @@ definitions:
This type represents the association of location constraints to a VNF instance
to be created according to a specific VNF profile.
It shall comply with the provisions defined in Table
NOTE: these constraints are typically determined by the OSS/BSS from
service requirements (e.g. latency requirements, regulatory requirements).
The NFVO can map such location constraints to eligible NFVI-PoPs/resource
zones where the VNF instance is to be created.
type: object
- vnfProfileId
......@@ -2155,6 +2161,8 @@ definitions:
description: >
Defines the location constraints for the VNF instance to
be created based on the VNF profile.
See note.
$ref: "#/definitions/LocationConstraints"
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