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SOL005_28: added attribute and note to VnfInstance data model

parent f518a4d5
......@@ -529,6 +529,16 @@ definitions:
minItems: 1
$ref: "#/definitions/VnfExtCpInfo"
description: >
VIP CPs that are part of the VNF instance.
Shall be present when that particular VIP CP
of the VNFC instance is associated to an external
CP of the VNF instance.
May be present otherwise.
type: array
$ref: "#/definitions/VipCpInfo"
description: >
Information about the external VLs the VNF instance is connected to.
......@@ -542,6 +552,8 @@ definitions:
VNF spanning several VIMs. The set of ExtManagedVirtualLinkInfo corresponding to the same VNF internal VL
shall indicate so by referencing to the same VnfVirtualLinkDesc and externally-managed multi-site VL instance
(refer to clause
Even though externally-managed internal VLs are also used for VNF-internal connectivity, they shall not be
listed in the "vnfVirtualLinkResourceInfo" attribute as this would be redundant.
type: array
$ref: "#/definitions/ExtManagedVirtualLinkInfo"
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