Commit 76aa8d2e authored by piscione's avatar piscione
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SOL005_24: added attribute to VnfExtCpConfig datamodel

parent 4c1c9e9d
......@@ -4788,6 +4788,19 @@ definitions:
consumer shall ensure that the cpProtocolData can be used with the
pre-created link port referenced by "linkPortId".
$ref: "../../definitions/SOL005_def.yaml#/definitions/Identifier"
description: >
Indicates the need to create a dedicated link port for the external CP.
If set to True, a link port is created. If set to False, no link port is created.
This attribute is only applicable for external CP instances without a floating IP
address that expose a VIP CP instance for which a dedicated IP address is allocated.
It shall be present in that case and shall be absent otherwise.
type: boolean
description: >
Parameters for configuring the network protocols on the link port
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