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SOL005_31: added attributes to ExtLinkPortInfo datamodel

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......@@ -1428,6 +1428,21 @@ definitions:
external connection point instance. The value refers to an
"extCpInfo" item in the VnfInstance.
$ref: "#/definitions/IdentifierInVnf"
description: >
Additional external CP of the VNF connected to this link port.
If present, this attribute shall refer to a "secondary" ExtCpInfo item in the VNF instance that exposes
a virtual IP CP instance which shares this linkport with the external CP instance referenced by the
"cpInstanceId" attribute.
The use cases UC#4 and UC#5 in Annex A.4 of ETSI GS NFV-IFA 007 provide examples for such a configuration.
$ref: "#/definitions/IdentifierInVnf"
description: >
Identifier of the trunk resource in the VIM.
Shall be present if the present link port corresponds to the parent port that the trunk resource is associated
The value of "trunkResourceId" is scoped by the value of "vimConnectionId" in the "resourceHandle" attribute.
$ref: "#/definitions/IdentifierInVim"
type: object
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