Commit 555f794a authored by piscione's avatar piscione
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SOL005_45: added attribute into NsLcmOpOcc datamodel

parent 42ff55c8
......@@ -4530,6 +4530,14 @@ definitions:
description: >
Indicator of the actual coordination action.
$ref: "../../definitions/SOL005_def.yaml#/definitions/Identifier"
description: >
The result of executing the coordination action which also implies the action
to be performed by the NFVO as the result of this coordination.
Shall be present if the coordination has been finished. Shall be absent if
the coordination is ongoing or has timed out (see note 2).
$ref: "../../NSLCMCoordination/definitions/SOL005NSLCMCoordination_def.yaml#/definitions/LcmCoordResultType"
description: >
The time when the coordination action has been started.
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