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SOL005_9: updated description of exclude deafult row

parent 329acad3
......@@ -410,7 +410,20 @@ paths:
- $ref: ../components/SOL005_params.yaml#/components/parameters/filter
- $ref: ../components/SOL005_params.yaml#/components/parameters/fields
- $ref: ../components/SOL005_params.yaml#/components/parameters/exclude_fields
- $ref: ../components/SOL005_params.yaml#/components/parameters/exclude_default
- in: query
name: exclude_default
description: >
- Indicates to exclude the following complex attributes from the response. See clause 5.3 of ETSI GS NFV-SOL 013 [16] for details. The NFVO shall support this parameter.
The following attributes shall be excluded from the NsLcmOpOcc structure in the response body if this parameter is provided:
- operationParams
- changedVnfInfo
- error
- resourceChanges
- lcmCoordinations
- warnings
type: string
- $ref: ../components/SOL005_params.yaml#/components/parameters/nextpage_opaque_marker
- $ref: ../components/SOL005_params.yaml#/components/parameters/Accept
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