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SOL002_62: Indicators GET response body description updated

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...@@ -105,9 +105,12 @@ paths: ...@@ -105,9 +105,12 @@ paths:
description: > description: >
The list of VNF indicators was queried successfully. Information about zero or more VNF indicators was queried successfully.
The response body shall contain the representations of all VNF indicators that match The response body shall contain in an array the representations of all
the attribute-based filtering parameters. VNF indicators that match the attribute-based filtering parameters,
i.e. zero or more representations of VNF indicators as defined in clause
If the EM/VNF supports alternative 2 (paging) according to clause for this resource,
inclusion of the Link HTTP header in this response shall follow the provisions in clause
schema: schema:
type: array type: array
items: items:
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