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SOL003: minor fix

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......@@ -874,7 +874,7 @@ definitions:
description: >
Date-time of the start of the operation.
$ref: "SOL002SOL003_def.yaml#/definitions/DateTime"
$ref: "../../../definitions/SOL002SOL003_def.yaml#/definitions/DateTime"
description: >
Identifier of the VNF instance to which the operation applies
......@@ -1125,7 +1125,7 @@ definitions:
be found by dereferencing the identifiers in the "vnfLinkPortIds" attribute.
type: array
$ref: "SOL002SOL003_def.yaml#/definitions/IdentifierInVnf"
$ref: "../../../definitions/SOL002SOL003_def.yaml#/definitions/IdentifierInVnf"
description: >
The identifier of the "ResourceDefinition" in the granting exchange
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