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MonitoringParameter updated in VNFLifecycleManagement_def.yaml

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......@@ -503,8 +503,7 @@ definitions:
type: object
- id
- value
- timeStamp
- performanceMetric
description: >
......@@ -515,20 +514,10 @@ definitions:
Human readable name of the monitoring parameter, as defined in the
type: string
description: >
Value of the monitoring parameter known to the VNFM (e.g. obtained
for autoscaling purposes).
The type of the "value" attribute (i.e. scalar, structure (Object in
JSON), or array (of scalars, arrays or structures/Objects)) is
assumed to be defined in an external measurement specification
outside the scope of the present document.
type: object
description: >
Represents the point in time when the measurement has been performed,
as known to the VNFM.
Should be formatted according to ETF RFC 3339.
Performance metric that is monitored. This attribute shall contain the
related "Measurement Name" value as defined in clause 7.2 of ETSI GS NFV-IFA 027.
type: string
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