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When building from a Gerrit change, comment back the review URLs

Change-Id: Ibbd95f4bbfb074dfd27a57b77f1fb2538e104c9b
Signed-off-by: Michele Carignani's avatarMichele Carignani <>
parent 132e5683
......@@ -8,7 +8,11 @@ run_dir="$(pwd)"
cd docker
./ "${run_dir}"
#./ "${run_dir}"
cd ..
python ./scripts/
exit $?
Add comments on gerrit
import os
import sys
import jnk_grt_comment as jgc
import glob
CHANGE = os.environ.get('GERRIT_CHANGE_NUMBER') or None
PATCH = os.environ.get('GERRIT_PATCHSET_NUMBER') or None
URL = os.environ.get('BUILD_URL') or None
# print glob.glob("**/*-API.yaml")
if not (CHANGE and PATCH and URL):
print "No Gerrit change information found. Exiting"
print "START Comment on Gerrit change ---"
jgc.comment_openapis_artifacts(CHANGE, PATCH, URL)
print "DONE Comment on Gerrit change ---\n"
Comments on gerrit
import os.path
import subprocess
import glob
def mk_swg_ui_link(artifact, build_uri):
creates the link to the swagger ui
swg_ui = ""
return swg_ui + "/?url=" + build_uri + "/artifact/"+ artifact +"/*view*/"
def mk_swg_ui_comment(files, bu):
creates the link to the swagger ui
msg = "Review links for the built OpenAPIS:"
for artifact in glob.glob(files):
msg += "\n * " + os.path.basename(artifact) + ": " + mk_swg_ui_link(artifact, bu)
return msg
def mk_grt_comment_cmd(change, payload):
creates the link to the swagger ui
command = "ssh -p 29418 \"gerrit review --message '"+payload+"' "+change + "\""
print command
return command
def send_gerrit_comment(change, patchset):
creates the link to the swagger ui
cmd = mk_grt_comment_cmd(change, patchset)
print "Executing: " + cmd, shell=True)
def jenkins_gerrit_comment(change_num, patch_num, comment):
send_gerrit_comment(change_num+","+patch_num, comment)
def comment_openapis_artifacts(cn, pn, bu):
comment = mk_swg_ui_comment("**/*-API.yaml", bu)
# print "comment: "+comment
jenkins_gerrit_comment(str(cn), str(pn), comment)
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