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SOL003_200/SOL003_201: VNF Lifecycle Operation Granting interface datatypes updated

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......@@ -172,11 +172,22 @@ definitions:
Information about assets for the VNF that are managed by the NFVO
in the VIM, such as software images and virtualised compute resource
This attribute is not intended for the modification of vimAssets
entries passed earlier.
Modification of VIM assets during the lifetime of a VNF instance is
not necessary, since it is expected that all applicable assets have
been on boarded into the VIM before the VNF is instantiated.
The Grant response allows the NFVO to pass to the VNFM VIM assets
related to the VNF package that is identified by the vnfdId attribute
in the corresponding Grant request. The NFVO may send in each Grant
response the full set of VIM assets related to the VNF package defined
by the vnfdId in the related Grant request, but shall send this information
if the vnfdId in the related Grant request differs from the vnfdId passed
in the previous Grant request, or if the Grant response is related to an
InstantiateVnf operation.
The set of VIM assets shall not change between subsequent Grant responses
if the vnfdId has not changed. During each LCM operation occurrence,
the VIM assets that relate to the VNF package identified by the current value
of the vnfdId attribute in the “VnfInstance” structure shall be used by the
VNFM for newly created resources. If the VNF package identifier of the
VNF instance has been updated, VIM assets that relate to the previously-used
VNF package(s), and that were communicated in previous Grant responses,
apply to existing resources.
type: object
......@@ -367,6 +378,15 @@ definitions:
Passing constraints allows the VNFM or the lifecycle management
scripts to influence resource placement decisions by the NFVO to
ensure VNF properties such as performance or fault tolerance.
If fallbackBestEffort is present in placement constraints and set
to “true”, the NFVO shall process the Affinity/AntiAffinity constraint
in a best effort manner, in which case, if specified resources cannot be
allocated based on specified placement constraint, the NFVO looks for an
alternate best effort placement for the specified resources to be granted.
In the best effort anti-affinity case, the resources are expected to be
spread optimally over all available instances of scope (e.g. zones),
and in the best effort affinity case, they are expected to be distributed
optimally over fewer possible instances of scope.
type: array
$ref: "#/definitions/PlacementConstraint"
......@@ -529,6 +549,14 @@ definitions:
minItems: 2
$ref: "#/definitions/ConstraintResourceRef"
description: >
Indication if the constraint is handled with fall back best effort. Default value is “false”.
If set to true, the Affinity/Anti_Affinity placement constraint need not be fully satisfied,
i.e. if the allocation cannot be honoured with the placement constraint, the request is
processed in a best effort manner.
$ref: "../../../definitions/SOL002SOL003_def.yaml#/definitions/Boolean"
description: >
......@@ -568,9 +596,7 @@ definitions:
description: >
Reference to a resource template (VnfVirtualLinkDesc,
VirtualComputeDesc, VnfExtCpd, VirtualStorageDesc) in the
VNFD. Shall be present for the planned creation of new resources,
including temporary resources, and for the modification of existing
resources. Shall be absent otherwise.
$ref: "../../../definitions/SOL002SOL003_def.yaml#/definitions/IdentifierInVnfd"
description: >
......@@ -748,4 +774,4 @@ definitions:
This attribute shall only be supported and present when VNF-related
Resource Management in indirect mode is applicable. The
identification scheme is outside the scope of the present document.
$ref: "../../../definitions/SOL002SOL003_def.yaml#/definitions/Identifier"
$ref: "../../../definitions/SOL002SOL003_def.yaml#/definitions/Identifier"
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